Sunday, January 11, 2015

Everything old is new again

True confessions. I have created a blog in the past. It was several years ago when my newborn son Ben was driving me nuts and my best girlfriend suggested that I find a creative outlet. It was her way of teaching me to survive my new stay-at-home status without losing myself in the shuffle. And it worked. I told stories about life with the baby and posted pictures for family and friends to see. And I felt normal and human again. Eventually, I stopped, but it wasn't because I lost interest or anything like that....I just stopped needing it. And then my computer crashed. And then I couldn't remember my passwords for the darn thing and - that was 4 years ago. One day soon, I will attempt to dig up that old blog that is floating in cyberspace somewhere as I type.

But I digress. I did not create this new blog as a continuation of my old blog, though the purpose is similar. As yet another attempt to capture my sanity, I have turned to the almighty blog. It is for me. It is for discussing my new sewing endeavors and sharing my ideas. It is for sharing my stories about my new life. It is for all of those times when I wish I had someone who was just like me who I could commiserate with about all things unrelated to sewing.

I do have a new life. In just 3 short months, I went from being a very productive, connected, organized SAHM in a lovely suburb of Washington, DC to a crazed, homesick, unwound SAHM in a lovely suburb of San Francisco. I live here now. It's pretty. The weather is nice....every day. And the people are nice. But it is not home. Prior to my move, I was deeply involved in community theater and costume design. I was pushing hard to finally open an Etsy shop for the dresses that I have designed for my little one. And I was just excited about sewing again. And then we moved and I spent all of my time packing, then unpacking, then trying to find the right grocery store and trying to get the kids settled and I stopped sewing. And the projects piled up. And my old life all of sudden looked really easy.

Every day is a get up and face a day with new faces and new challenges, to live in a new place with family and friends 3,000 miles away, to run a household relatively alone while my best friend and husband works to make the move worthwhile. And I thought that maybe if I focused a little more on the sewing and the things I can control, I might not have to struggle so much each day, and I might learn a few things and make a few things and enjoy a few things along the way. So, here's to my new blog. Something like the old one, but new.

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