Friday, January 16, 2015

A Little Cooperation from Little Rae

That might be far too much to ask. I have always loved the idea of a little shop on Etsy. What a great little place for creative people to come together to share and sell and learn. I thought it would be easy....just sew a few things, take a picture or two and off you go. I crafted my own little pattern for a very simple dress. I made a few different sizes. I found a friend to help with a label and setting up the shop since I am deeply challenged when it comes to technology and anything online. And I have the perfect little model - my Rachel. She is cute and smiley and loves prancing around in dresses. But once I pull out the camera, all of the cute smiles and the prancing turns into scowling, complaining, and utter disdain for even looking in my direction. It turns out that posting on Etsy is going to be significantly more challenging than I thought. After 45 minutes of what I can only describe as pleading, I came away with a few usable pics....and maybe some that I will show at her wedding to prove that she was not the easiest kid in the world!

At least the dress fits and looks cute. Not sure what that means for the other items I want to post - I'll figure something out.

So I guess I still like the idea of a Etsy shop, but I'm not so sure I like the process. If I had just made socks, finding a model would be so much easier. Stay tuned - Little Rae's is opening soon.

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  1. I love the third one down -- it looks like she's perfecting her professional model pout. And the dress is darling!