Saturday, April 18, 2015

Project Run and Play - Buddy Bag

After an unintended month off from the Project Run and Play sewing challenges (my March entry was totally solid, too), I am so pleased to be submitting my April entry ON TIME! This month, we were asked to re-imagine a reversible sling bag from Sugar Bee Crafts. I made her a little bag with a buddy to keep her company.

I love corduroy. I think I made 10 different types of overalls for my son out of corduroy. And I have lots of it just waiting to be used. The pink fabric is just a simple cotton/polyester. I knew I had better do something pink so that Rae would attempt to like it.

I added a bow to hide the seams on the strap. Kinda love the bow.

I spent a ton of time trying to find a nice mocha shade for the dolly's face and body. Without getting too political, it can be difficult to find toys, dolls, books and other images depicting the unique skin tone that is my little Rachel. I knew that if I didn't find what I needed in my stash, I would go buy some appropriate fabric, which violates one of my Project Run and Play rules (always use what I already have at my fingertips). But I found some corduroy (yeah) that is just the right color. And I made the hair "curly" so it looks like Rae. The eyes and mouth are thick thread; the hair is yarn.

Rachel loves undies. She thinks they are so funny. When I fold laundry she likes to line up all of the pairs for each different family member. She giggles when she sees the undies on her little dolly!

And how excited was I to be able to make something reversible AGAIN?? And on the reverse side, her little buddy is taking a nap under an eyelet blanket. And her blanket is actually a little pocket as well.

I did not use opposing fabrics on each side as the pattern suggested but I made that center panel out of the same fabric, just turned on the diagonal.

The bag itself did not take long to put together once I had the right size for Rae. The doll took several hours since I stitched on the features and the hair. With the extra time I decided to make a simple shirt that matches her bag. She said the shirt is comfortable and looks like a big "marshmeadow" (that is marshmellow, in Rachel speak).

My son took many of the pictures for this month's entry. He basically chased Rachel around the playground, but he did capture quite a few decent shots that were also in focus. It felt good watching Rae run away from someone else for a change. She hates a photo shoot. I had to give him some recognition for his hard work. Thank you Ben!

"Get your own photo shoot, buddy..."