Friday, August 21, 2015

Project Run and Play - Big, Bright, Benji Beach Cover-Up

The August challenge for Project Run and Play is to take any old pattern we want and add some form of hand-embroidery or embellishment to it.

 This contest is killing me. Yet again, I have to pull some idea out of space and then pull the embroidery pattern out of space and then create something. WHERE is the guidance? WHERE is the pattern to follow? Can you sense that I crave a bit more structure with my sewing (and my life)? Well, my son has desperately wanted to be the "subject" of one of my challenges so I thought this was a great opportunity to include him. He selected the soft, bright (brightest, I should say) orange batik fabric and approved of the tunic design that I modified from Sewing For Boys.

Sewing the tunic was the easy part. Benji loves the open front and the fact that there are no buttons or tags to itch him. And of course, he thinks the fabric is simply perfect.

As for the embroidery, I decided to try and find a design that would somehow speak to our upcoming trip to Hawaii. I found some traditional Polynesian tribal patterns and selected one for the collar that means fish.

The patterns on the sleeves are for mountains. I wanted the patterns to be very simple and absolutely look hand-made. I tried not to worry too much about lining things up or keeping it uniform....and it shows. It was sort of what I was going for...

A little fish is at the hemline. Initially I thought I'd do the entire border this way....
and then I realized that was crazy talk.
And it being for a boy, I didn't want to do too much embroidery, though in retrospect, I wish I had done more because it is very hard to see the little work that I did. And this little bit of work took a ton of time! Kudos to those who enjoy spending the time on embroidery. I have a house to clean. And suitcases to pack.

We are taking this beach tunic to Hawaii with us. I hope he enjoys wearing it in the sun.....and attracting the attention of a few planes that pass overhead. Ben proved to be a much better model than Rachel. Just two days ago he lost a front tooth and last night, he had a random allergic reaction that made his top lip look like Donald Duck. Despite that, no diva moments, no snacks or breaks required and no attitude!

Thank you, Benji! You look marvelous.


  1. Nice job! I love how you chose the designs to fit your vacation destination. What a fun vacation shirt for your little man, he sure seems to love it!
    -Bridget :)

  2. That is a perfect Hawaii top--love the embroidery inspiration!

  3. That is beautiful embroidery for a boy! And I love the colour of that shirt; it looks so good on your son!

  4. Hope Ben had fun wearing this on vacation!

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