Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Project Run and Play - "Chevron Madness" Top

This month's challenge was to re-imagine a cute little chevron shirt, compliments of The Crafty Cupboard. I call this my "Chevron Madness" top because it was a completely maddening experience, this challenge for May. But I set to work and ended up with this chevron top.

This month's pattern just did not work for me....and I don't know why. I attempted it twice, in different sizes, but neither fit Rachel very well at all. On the brink of throwing in the towel for this month, I decided to try and pattern it myself.....I probably should have thrown in the towel because that took a very long time. FINALLY, I had a pattern that seemed to fit properly. In re-patterning, I changed the way the back top panels meet, I killed the sleeves, I adjusted the armholes to make them pleated, and lengthened the whole thing.

Then I had to figure out the chevron. I do not love chevron, but I wanted to use it as a learning experience. Since I refuse to buy anything for these monthly challenges, I found a great striped fabric and set to work cutting it on the diagonal to build a chevron-inspired design. I then had to cut the pattern just right so the seam ended up in the middle of the garment on each side. Not easy. Not perfect. Not too bad. Very maddening indeed. And bonus - - I have TONS of extra pieces of striped fabric cut along the diagonal if anyone needs it!

The two button closure on the back escaped me. I guess I wasn't in the mood to try and figure it out. I scrapped the whole thing and just did a traditional one-button closure. The trim is a wide velvet ribbon that I cut in half and folded into the seam.

I lengthened the top and dropped the elastic band several inches in order to get the blousing effect. It can potentially be worn either fluffed up a bit or straight down. If I had Rae's little belly (which I do, since she inherited it from me), I would appreciate the figure-flattering blousing effect!!

And, for the record, while the rest of the country enjoys warmer May weather, Northern California is FREEZING COLD right now. (Now that I live here, COLD = 60 degrees). So I just couldn't let her run around sleeveless given the chilly breeze. I didn't make the top....someone at Gymboree did.

This is NOT reversible. I didn't even try. I think this month took more of my mental energy than ALL of the others entries combined, and I'm not that jazzed with the result. I ran out of fabric, I was definitely out of patience and I refused to spend any more time on it.

Once again, my model-in-residence showed much disdain for the multiple pictures I needed. But this is the first time she has not wanted to immediately pitch the garment off when I told her we were all done. She played at the park for quite a while post photo shoot. So while I may not love this outfit, Rae seemed happy and comfortable, which is really what matters, right?


  1. Way to stick with the challenge!

    Love the sheer joy she has while swinging!

  2. Nice stripe matching on that chevron! I like the stripes going different directions too.

  3. Nice dress, very nice matching, such narrow stripes!

  4. It might not be your favorite, but I think it is practically perfect. And my mark of a good project is how much the kidlets enjoy it. Since she wanted to keep playing in it, that is high praise Momma!

  5. Sounds like it was a very frustrating sewing experience, but the top turned out cute! Nice job creating chevron!

  6. Nice job! She looks absolutely darling in it.

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