Monday, February 16, 2015

Project Run and Play Goes to The Beach... in February!

A new month brings a new Project Run and Play Challenge. February's challenge was to take the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee from Living with Punks and give it our own makeover. I wasn't convinced that I was going to participate in these challenges each month but this one seemed like a good opportunity to work with knits. I can't say that it is my favorite fabric but I muddled through. And I also had to grade this pattern down a bit to fit my 3-year-old, another activity that is not my favorite but a good skill to continue to develop. So, I present my Mademoiselle Muscle Tee, Beach Edition, shot on location in beautiful Carmel!

I found some very old knit fabric at the bottom of my stash. Not sure where it came from and I'm certain I didn't buy it, because again, I don't work with knits. It immediately made me think of the beach so I decided to make a beach cover-up. The fabric was so old that it tore in several places along the seam as I was sewing so I had to be very careful.

I lengthened the original design to fall below the knee and I added a wide bottom edge that I cut on the bias for the trim. I also made hidden pockets on each side.

I guess I have been infected by the San Francisco mindset (thankfully just a mindset, not the measles folks) and I made this a hoodie. If you haven't roamed the streets - or gone to work, or gone to dinner, or gone to a show, or worked out - in a hoodie and leggings, well you just haven't been living, have you? My daughter's hair is a little fluffy for the hoodie, but you get the idea!!

A happy accident led to the little bow in front. The fabric tore as I was pinning the neckline trim so I decided to hide that boo boo rather than start all over. I thought it dressed it up a bit and my little girl is much more likely to wear something with a bow. She still did not love this creation - she said I forgot to make it pink. Good grief, some people are never satisfied. 

This cover-up is great for the beach but I can also see it layered with a long-sleeve and leggings for a park play date, or adding sandals and heading off to a fabulous toddler to-do. And now, more pics of Rae frolicking at the beach. I complain a heck of a lot about California but I have to admit that I couldn't stop smiling as we played at the beach while friends back home in DC prepared for snow. What a February!! 


  1. Very nice. Perfect presentation, love fabric and design!

  2. I love your fabric, and the whole thing came together so well--you're right, it's totally versatile! And your little girl is just a doll!

  3. For someone who doesn't sew with knits very often, you sure made an awesome coverup! Love the beach photos!

  4. What a great beach dress! And her hair is so beautiful. I'm sure you get that all the time :)

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